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To breathe

A hidden power

"Breathing Slower and Less:

The Greatest Health Discovery Ever"

While breathing 2-3 times more than the medical standard, most people believe they have good or "normal" breathing. Normal breathing is so small that healthy people experience virtually no sensations in relation to their breathing at rest.

More than 90% of people have breathing problems. The most common problems are chest breathing, mouth breathing and hyperventilation (increased minute ventilation). All these factors lower oxygen levels in body cells and promote chronic diseases.

Below you will find a number of breathing exercises that you can use when it suits you. 

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Pranayama exercises

For at home or on the go

Ademen: Classes

Breathing Workshops

Private and group lessons

Yoga Man Namaste

Breathing private lesson

Want  you determine the time and location of the workshop yourself? Then opt for a private workshop. This could be from anywhere via the  computer or telephone,  or we can meet at a location. 
You can choose from a one-off half-hour workshop for €49, or from a series of 4 workshops (with homework) for €149.

Meditation Class

Breathing group lessons

Group lessons are possible on location.  You can choose from a one-hour workshop for €149, or from a series of 4 workshops (with homework) for €499.

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