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- Officiele erkenningen van de Yoga Alliance

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Warrior Two

Officiele erkenningen van de Yoga Alliance

Buddha Statue

Buddha zegt dat het geluk en de wijsheid waarnaar we zoeken niet van buiten komt. Het zit al in ons - het is onze aard. Je geluk en wijsheid (terug)vinden betekent dat je mag vertrouwen op je intellect en intuïtie. 

"You are the Buddha"


Over de studio op station Breda

Like a Lotus

De yogaschool 'You are the Buddha' is gegroeid uit de modder van de corona pandemie, (lockdown mei 2020). Toen alle sportscholen moesten sluiten, is Marlies begonnen met het aanbieden van yoga in het park op donatiebasis.

In de herfst heeft ze een eigen pop-up plek gevonden op het NS station van Breda. In januari 2021 is You are the Buddha internationaal erkend als RYS door de Yoga Alliance en in februari 2021 is de eerste 200-uurs Yoga Teacher Training (vinyasa en yin) van start gegaan.

Dagelijks kun je yoga- en pilates lessen volgen waarvoor je je online kunt inschrijven. Daarnaast worden er ook verdiepende cursussen en trainingen aangeboden.

You are the Buddha groeit graag met je mee.

Inspirerend, persoonlijk, deskundig en hip: 'Underground Yoga' op station Breda. 


-The Mudra of Inner Stillness & Intuition-
Begin met de handpalmen tegen elkaar en houd ze voor je hart. Houd de vingertoppen tegen elkaar, druk de handpalmen van elkaar af en laat de rechter wijsvinger naar het midden zakken. Voel je innerlijke stilte terwijl je de externe invloeden van de wereld van je af laat glijden. Open je hart en geest om aanwezig te zijn en te luisteren. Maak verbinding met je eigen innerlijke leringen over wat waar is in je hart en ziel.

Shankhavarta Mudra​


Meet Marlies

Being happy starts with accepting yourself as you are. Acknowledge your gifts and talents and share them with others around you. You already are complete! When you forget that the only true source of security is your true self, you come to believe that you need something outside of yourself to be happy. Then there is uncertainty, because you know that your happiness can be lost.

The most profound teaching of the Buddha says that the wisdom we seek does not come from outside. It is already in us - it is our nature. The spiritual path is simply a way of helping us discover and manifest the wisdom we already have. Discovering our innate wisdom means learning to trust not only our intellect, but also our intuition. ‘You are the Buddha’  refers to the idea that every sentient being has the possibility to attain Buddhahood.


I started practicing yoga and pilates in 2003. Since 2008 I started practicing mindfulness and meditation. From 2012-2018 I have further studied yoga; in California, Los Angeles; the paradise of yoga. There I followed and taught various yoga teacher trainings. I followed my 200 hour hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Stephanie Pafford (Akasha Yoga) from San Diego, California. I learned from her that listening to your body is key and that simple and safe exercises are just as important and beneficial for you as "more difficult" exercises. For Stephanie, I was also able to independently provide the 200-hour yoga teacher training as lead trainer several times. This training was being rewarded with an average of 5 stars at the Yoga Alliance!


At Wanderlust Hollywood Yoga Studio in Los Angeles I followed my advanced yoga teacher training for another 300 hours. I am grateful and happy that I had the opportunity to train in person with some of the world's best yoga teachers, such as: Schuyler Grant, Noah Maze, Annie Carpenter, Carry Owerko, Tias Little, Tara Judelle and others. In 2018 I deepened my understanding of the breath through a training, which is such an essential part of our live.


My teaching is a result of the collection and embodying of the vast yoga subject: seeking out the best teachers, learning from different lineages and absorbing much of what is on offer. In the words of my students: Marlies’s knowledgeable and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined.

I am super grateful for the opportunities I have had. The lineage of my teaching derives from multiple teachers. My two most important teachers are: Stephanie Pafford from my 200 hr Akasha Yoga Teacher Training (emphasizes Bhakti Yoga, restorative yoga, and therapeutic yoga), and Schuyler Grant  from the 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Wanderlust Hollywood (emphasizes alignment based yoga and meditative flow yoga) they are both from the lineage of BKS Iyengar. My love for the subtle body comes from Tias Little (who studied directly under Phattabi Jois), and Tara Judelle (the co-creator of the school of Embodied Flow -an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, meditation, and transpersonal psychology that elicits the experience of meditation in action).

Carry Owerko who also studied with BKS Iyengar. The practice of Iyengar Yoga is not formulaic, but rather requires a willingness to explore. I really like how Carry puts it: ‘permission to play’. Yoga must be so enjoyable that you want to come back to your practice, every day.  What I learned from Annie Carpenter’s SmartFLOW Yoga training is a modern approach with an anatomically sound foundation and inspired, creative sequencing, which is rooted in deep respect for the lineages of Integral, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. Other teachers whom I studied with, are: Noah Maze, Clio Manualian, Joan Hyman, Matt Phippen, Scott Schwenk, and Jennifer Elliott.


Yoga is an important part of my daily life.  Over time, my practice has deepened, from simply accomplishing the physical poses, to relishing the emotional calm and spiritual growth that yoga makes possible.  Yoga is something I love and something I want to share with others.  I get excited about yoga the way a young child gets excited about a flower and wants to show it to everyone.  Yoga is so incredibly good for us, physically and emotionally and spiritually, and I want to help others  realize those benefits.


I look forward to sharing my passion, knowledge and experience of yoga, meditation and pilates with you!

Namaste, Marlies