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YTT: Diensten

yoga teacher training

200 hours, recognized by the Yoga Alliance

Modular Setup: Choose the modules you want to follow and tailor your learning path to your personal needs and interests. Whether you want to learn more about asana and sequencing, or delve into yoga philosophy and ethics, our training offers it all.

Classes on Weekday Mornings: Ideal for those who want to combine the training with work, family life, or other commitments.

Personal Growth: Like our other programs, this course focuses not only on developing your skills as a yoga teacher but also on your personal development.

Why Choose This Training?
This training is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to grow at your own pace, both personally and professionally. You will learn from experienced teachers and become part of our supportive Yoga Kula, a community of people learning and growing together.

Module Overview
Module 1: Asana and Sequencing
In-depth training in hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga, including correct asana alignments, use of props, and effective sequencing for different styles.

Module 2: Pranayama and Subtle Body Knowledge
Techniques and effects of pranayama, and their impact on anatomy and the subtle body.

Module 3: Meditation and Mindfulness
Various meditation techniques and the use of chanting, mantras, and mudras.

Module 4: Anatomy and Physiology
Comprehensive knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems, physiology of breathing and the nervous system, and biomechanics.

Module 5: Yoga Philosophy, History, and Ethics
Study of key yogic texts, the history of yoga, and the ethical foundations of yoga practice.

Module 6: Teaching and Professional Development
Teaching methodologies, class management, and professional aspects of yoga education.

Certification: Complete all modules and receive a recognized 200-hour yoga teacher diploma, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. This diploma certifies you as a professionally trained yoga teacher, enabling you to teach globally.

Start Your Professional Yoga Journey
Are you ready to elevate your passion for yoga to a professional level? Write an email expressing your interest in our new training starting in September 2024. We look forward to embarking on this new path with you!

YTT: Service

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