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Our approach embraces the art of mindful functional yoga. We understand that every body is different, and that postures look different on everyone. With us, it's all about your unique body and mind. Our sessions are tailored to your needs and capabilities, with an emphasis on your health and well-being.

Whether you are new to the world of yoga or are a seasoned yogi, we invite you to find your own path in our diverse classes. From the gentle postures that help you relax to the powerful poses that challenge you, we offer a wide range of styles to support you on your journey. Mindfulness is our guide as we assist you in understanding and nurturing your body, regardless of your experience or level.

Underneath the calendar, you will find detailed descriptions of each session we offer so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Whether you're looking for relaxation, strength, balance, or just a moment for yourself, we have the perfect session for you.


Mindful Pilates

Join our Mindful Pilates Mat Class to experience a unique blend of Pilates' strength and mindfulness' awareness. This class harmonizes body and mind through mat-based exercises emphasizing six key Pilates principles: breathing, concentration, control, precision, centering, and flow.

With mindful attention to each movement, you'll develop physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Our instructors will provide exercise variations for all levels, ensuring a customized practice to suit your needs.

This class invites you to connect deeply with your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced. Suitable for all levels.


exercises for at home

If you can't wait for your next class to start, here are some exercises you can do until then. Because there are many simple ways to live more in the here and now. Try it!

Kantoor yoga

Yoga & mindfulness at work

Inspire your employees! Research shows that yoga and meditation reduce stress, increase focus and sharpen the senses.

Companies have found that yoga and meditation sessions leave people feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Grote Kerk Breda.jpg

Events / Workshops / Company outings

You are the Buddha organizes all kinds of activities, such as: yoga in the church, yoga in the theater, sup yoga and yoga outside.


​ Take a look at our photo album, follow us on social media and get inspired. ​


Are you interested? Please contact us.

You are the Buddha Yoga shirt.jpeg
You are the Buddha Yoga shirt.jpeg


You Are the Buddha offers a variety of unique yoga experiences, including yoga in the church, yoga in the theater, stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga, and outdoor yoga sessions.

Explore our photo gallery, follow us on social media for inspiration and updates on our events, and embrace the tranquility and balance that yoga brings to your life.

If you're interested in joining us, please feel free to reach out and get in touch.

Additionally, we invite you to explore our collection of yoga clothing and accessories, all adorned with the empowering mantra 'You Are the Buddha'. Elevate your yoga practice and express your inner Buddha with these thoughtfully designed pieces. Your purchase supports our mission to bring mindfulness and well-being to all.

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