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I am Rama, originally from beautiful Nepal. My yoga journey started about ten years ago. Initially it was a physical exploration, but I soon realized that yoga was also a path to inner strength and harmony.


In 2020 I moved to the Netherlands to be with my Dutch partner. During those first years I embraced the Dutch language and culture, and adapted to the unique Dutch way of life.


I completed my training as a yoga teacher in Nepal. There I had the honor of sharing my passion and expertise with many students. Additionally, I am trained in Reiki healing, a holistic approach that promotes well-being by balancing life energy.


I am currently studying Pralaya Yoga through an intensive 300-hour course. This form of yoga focuses on strengthening weak muscles and loosening connective tissue, with a special attention to therapeutic applications.


Yoga is mainly based on the teachings of Buddha. Buddha was born in the fifth century BC as Prince Siddhartha Gautama in Lumbini, Nepal. His father was the king of a small kingdom at the foot of the Himalayas. When he was older he started looking for himself and through a lot of meditation he gained enlightenment of the mind and became the Buddha (the awakened one). There is a strong spiritual and philosophical connection between yoga and Buddhism for Meditation, Ethics, Self-Reflection and Mindfulness.


Nepal is the land of Hinduism and Buddhism and is strongly associated with yoga because of its historical, geographical and spiritual significance. Nepal has a deep-rooted spiritual history, which is strongly interwoven with the society and culture of the country.


There is also a deep spiritual and historical link between yoga, the god Shiva and the Himalayan mountains. In Hindu tradition, Shiva is often considered the original yogi or Adi Yogi. His Yoga knowledge is the beginning of the yoga tradition and meditation.


I am honored to share my yoga knowledge and meditation techniques with the Dutch community. My collaboration with "You are the Buddha" and the great team, especially Marlies, feels like home. Although I prefer to teach in English, I can also communicate fluently in Dutch.

Hatha Yoga Flow, Power Yoga

Hatha Yoga Flow
Hatha flow yoga is a dynamic form of yoga where poses are performed to the rhythm of the breath. This creates a 'flow' that provides both dynamism and mental peace at the same time. The effect of regularly practicing this class makes you stronger and more flexible.

Power Yoga
Power Yoga is an active, quite physical form of yoga. It is derived from Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Power Yoga is especially suitable for yogis who like to focus on the physical aspects of yoga. It is for anyone who wants to work on balancing the body and mind in a powerful way.

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