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Defense does it, the police do it, and you see it more and more in business too: yoga at work. Research proves it: yoga is good for you.

You are the Buddha offers live online classes,  lessons at the office, or come to the studio at Breda station during the break.

Working together with your colleagues on the health of body and mind. More and more organizations are putting yoga  to reduce absence due to illness. Everyone can do yoga at their own level.  

  • Out of your head, into your body:  move, stretch,  feel, rest...  

  • Have you ever thought about the possibility of a weekly  yoga / pilates / meditation session at work?

  • On your desk chair or on a towel  or yoga mat.

  • Yoga reduces stress, improves your concentration and is good for your posture and mood.

  • Other benefits are: flexibility, tension reduction, concentration and more effective recovery from injuries.

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  • Hip image.


From 2022, the World Health Organization defines burnout as a work-related phenomenon, caused by stress in the workplace that has not been properly managed.  Take good care of your staff, create a healthy working climate. Yoga in the workplace is a sustainable and social investment. Among other things, it results in a stress reduction, reduction of absenteeism and increased productivity.

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