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Intimidated by yoga? You're not the only one.  Don't want to bend into a pretzel shape? Do you think you are not flexible? Are you afraid of downward dog? Don't worry - yoga is more than twisting your body into strange shapes. And that means anyone can try it.

When I meet new yoga students, they often say something like this:


"I can't do yoga because I can't even touch my toes!"


"I don't have any flexibility, so I can't do that downdog or whatever you call it."


Thinking you need to be flexible is a common misconception about yoga. The truth is that yoga is an age-old practice that involves many different elements beyond the poses you may be familiar with. Most yoga classes also focus on your breathing, mindset and overall well-being. That makes yoga a practice that everyone can really benefit from - no matter how old you are, what shape you are or what physical challenges you have.


1. Start with the Breath


The basis of yoga is deep, even breathing. The reason: your breath connects your body and mind. Here's an example of how it works: Suppose you're in a work meeting and things aren't going well. Maybe deadlines are not met or you have  not having sufficient resources. je  feels your neck and shoulders tense, and that tension can get into your jaw or cause a headache. Now is the perfect time to practice yoga - just by breathing.

Take a moment while you  in the  sitting to observe your breathing. maybe you're breathing  fast or do you hold  breathe in. With each inhale and exhale, try to gently lengthen the breath. It may help to silently count to four as you inhale, and then off​​ counting from four as you exhale.


Gradually lengthen your breaths to a count of five as you inhale and exhale. This will tell your body, "Hey, everything's okay here — you can relax." Your heart rate will slow down and your neck, shoulders, and jaw will begin to relax.


2. Go back to basics

When you see pictures and videos of yoga, you probably see the most complicated poses performed by experienced yoga teachers. But the beauty of yoga is in the basics. Have a strong foundation of movements that you can perform with ease and peace of mind. Some basic poses to start with include child's pose, cat/cow, mountain pose, warriors, bridge and tree pose.


Remember to practice your breathing as you try the yoga poses. it must  be easy to breathe while you  the attitudes do. If you can breathe properly, you know you are in the best position for you. As you challenge yourself, see what benefits you notice — physical, mental, or emotional.

3. Try a lesson


Working with a teacher can be a great support if you are new to yoga, regardless of your fitness level. A teacher can also be a great resource to explore other aspects of yoga beyond the poses. Here are tips for finding the right lesson:

Consider different types of classes. There are many different yoga styles, including  (respectively from intensive to calm):  power yoga, vinyasa yoga, hatha  yoga, yin yoga  and restorative yoga. Read the lesson descriptions  in the class schedule in Momoyoga.

Listen to your body. If you leave class feeling down, stressed, or low on energy, that class may not be the best choice for you. Keep exploring. Try a different yoga style until you relax and rejuvenate the class  leaves.


4. Try At Home:

Relax with yoga by trying these experiments.


Try the Child's Pose, a basic yoga stretch that provides relaxation and helps relieve back pain. Start on your hands and knees on the floor in a "tabletop" position, keeping your hands on the floor and moving your hips back so your butt is on your heels.

Gently lengthen your breath as you  inhale and exhale evenly. Count to four as you inhale. Pause and count to four as you exhale. As your body relaxes, increase the count to five or six as you inhale and exhale.


Let me know if this will be your first class.  Explain what you are looking for and discuss any concerns or concerns. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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